The Holiday Season is a time for laughter and lively conversationas extended family gathers for a Thanksgiving feast. Ornaments hung carefully on the Christmas tree; children playing withdreidels; candles flickering for the seven days of Kwanzaa.

Holidays come and go but the memories and traditions last.

In our community right now there are families who don’t have aplace to live, much less a table to gather around. There are seniors who will spend the holidays alone, just as they do most everyday of the year. There are children who will witness far too much fighting, and who will not have presents under a tree on Christmas morning. These are the memories and traditions for many in ourcommunity during this holiday season.

But these memories can be changed in an instant—by you.

Your gift to NAM helps make sure that families have a place to live, that seniors are visited daily and have a place to gather for friendship and fun. Your gift provides counseling and safety planning for women and children trapped by domestic violence. It provides toys for children at Christmas, and food for those who arehungry—on holidays, and every day of the year. Donate today and Be The Change This Season for so many in need!

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